About us

SAAD PLAST for plastic industries plant has been equipped with the modern equipment and machines for manufacturing plastic pipes and accessories of high mechanical and chemical properties and in accordance with the German specifications DIN-19534 of PVC types.
The company's products are marketed locally and in the Arab countries. The latest of our products are accessories with "4.6" cover and inner wide opening cannon.

Our factory is technically advanced and our products match the modern development. God willing, we will be the leading factory for plastic pipes and accessories manufacturing in the Territory. Polyvinyl Chloride "PVC" is manufactured by the polymerization of vinyl chloride it has been widely used for water pipes in many countries since about 1948.

Rigid and None-plasticized "PVC" is converted into pipes by a hot extrusion process. The pipe is extruded continuously, then cut to standard length of 1 to 6 meters for ease of handling and transportation.

Our "PVC" is None-poiseneous imparts neither taste nor odor. It is eminently suitable for the conveyance of drinking water, waste water, spirits and many food products as well as natural gas and for cable ducts. A longer operation life than any other pipes is ensured by the fact that "PVC" pipe is inert to practically all, external and internal coordinates. In fact the "PVC" pipe has a life expectancy for upto 50 years.

Further their advantages are: its light weight, easy transportation and laying, simple quick joining and high elasticity. The smooth inner surface of "PVC" pipes offers the substantial advantage over a metal pipe of reducing the flow loss and consequently allowing the use of smaller cross sections. In addition no incrustation is built up and therefore no reserve needs to be taken in the pipe sizing.